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“A short ‘experimental documentary’ shot in super 8 format in Peru. The images reveal everyday life—people cooking, dancing in the street, young kids hanging out interspersed with the images of striking miners. This mix of anger, despair and joy are blended together to say that all of these are the ingredients of life here — one is not more important than the other. Together they reveal the power of ordinary people and culture. The ‘romantic’ music that accompanies the images and the use of ‘watching’ eyes serve to critique mainstream culture and its view of the ‘third world’.” — Phil Hoffman, Filmmaker & Professor


Best Cinematography
9th Annual National Student Film & Video Awards, Canada. 1995.

Award of Merit for Experimental Film
The Media Arts Department, Sheridan College/Pleasure Dome. 1994.


TRANSCINEMA, Festival Internacional de Cine Lima, Peru, 2017
Emily Car Institute, Changing Imaginary Borders In The Americas Vancouver, Canada, 1999
Images Festival Toronto, Canada, 1996
Mixed Arte Mezclado, Latin American Artist Festival Toronto, Canada, 1994
Pleasure Dome Toronto, Canada, 1994

Technical Details

Experimental Documentary / 1994
Runtime: 7 min
Original Format: Super 8
Exhibition Format: 16mm, Digital
B&W and Colour, 4:3, Stereo

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