My Gentrification

Posted on Sep 27, 2020 in Films


My Gentrification
A documentary film consisting of two independent sections that explore my experiences and observations about housing, urban living and the rapidly changing landscape of Toronto. These ideas are presented using personal film footage on Super-8 or 16mm and interviews with local residents which I have been collecting since late 1990.



Alucine Festival Toronto, Canada, 2020


Camera & Edit by Marcos Arriaga
Sound Design by Danial Saeid Zargar
Sound Mixer George Novotny
Colourist Grant McNair
Additional Location Sound Benito Amaro
Additional Super 8 Camera Guillermo Marin
Produced with the financial assistance of Canada Council of the Arts


Miguel Cabral
Antonio Machado
Brandy Leary
Clare McLachlan
Lindsay Goodtimes

Technical Details

Documentary / 2020
Runtime: 29 min
Original Format: 16mm
Exhibition Format: Digital
B/W & Colour, 4:3, Stereo

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