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Science fiction becomes the medium for a politically driven drama, inspired by Chris Marker’s 1962 film “La Jetée”. Mars uses still, motion film and TV commercials to explore the political, economic and social divisions of our world in the mid-nineties.


Crossing Borders, Harbourfront Centre Toronto, Canada, 1995
LIFT Monthly Screening Toronto, Canada, 1995


Written and Directed by Marcos Arriaga
Photography by Kathryn Gaitens
Edited by Simon Marcroft
Casting and Art Direction by Eduardo Gomez
Lighting design by Jeff Sterne
Sound Design by Brad Ketchen
Music by Chris Heary
Makeup and Costume Design by Ricardo Barcelo
Film Processed by Black & White Film Factory
Film to Video Transfer by Exclusives Film & Video


Helen Donnelly as Joelle
Aritanan Carriconde as Julio

Technical Details

Fiction / 1995
Runtime: 12 min
Original Format: 16mm, 35mm B/W Still, VHS
Exhibition Format: MiniDV, Digital
Colour, 4:3, Mono

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