3 x 16

Posted on Sep 10, 2007 in Films


3 x 16
These three short films, consist of perceptive depictions of a public square in Lima, the view from his mother’s rooftop, and work at the Toronto film festival revision department. The filmmaker used 16 mm as documentary format. Each film in this series is almost three minutes long, which is the length of one roll of 16 mm film. The entire film uses in camera editing, therefore all the editing decisions were made on location.


Telelatino Film Prize
AluCine Film Festival, Toronto, 2007


TRANSCINEMA, Festival Internacional de Cine Lima, Peru, 2017
Pleasure Dome, Fall Program Toronto, Canada, 2016
$100 Film Festival Calgary, Alberta, 2009
AluCine Film Festival Toronto, Canada, 2007
The Independents, Cinematheque Ontario Toronto, Canada, 2007

Technical Details

Documentary / 2007
Runtime: 10 min
Original Format: 16mm
Exhibition Format: 16mm
B&W, 4:3, Stereo

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