Jatun Llaxta, Noh Kaah…

Posted on Sep 27, 2020 in Films


Jatun Llaxta, Noh Kaah…
A short experimental film that explores ancients native cities in America. Images of Machu Pichu, Sacsayhuaman, Uxmal, Chichen Itza, and Mesa Verde had been blow up from Super 8 to 16 mm, hand developed and reticulated to create an evocative view of our past.


Jatun Llaxta... #1
Jatun Llaxta... #2
Jatun Llaxta... #3
Jatun Llaxta... #4
Jatun Llaxta.. ..#5

The8Fest 2020 Toronto, Canada


Camera, Optical Printer & Edit by Marcos Arriaga
Sound Edit & Mix by Danial Saeid Zargar
Music by Edgardo Moreno
Film Laboratory Services by Niagara Film Lab
Made with the support of LIFT

Technical Details

Experimental / 2020
Runtime: 8 min
Original Format: Super 8
Exhibition Format: 16 mm & Digital File
B/W, 4:3, Mono/Stereo

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