Films and photography by Marcos Arriaga

  • Assembly

    Assembly is a short film that illustrates the struggle of the working class in Peru, in relation to the global workers movement. The grainy images, canted shots, still images and Russian montages offer a captivating …

  • tales001

    Tale of Winter

    Tale of Winter focuses on the societal indifference towards homeless people. One the of the biggest challenges of ours times is the lack of empathy towards the underprivileged, the poor, the deranged: the people who …

  • 3x16-007

    3 x 16

    These three short films, consists of perceptive depictions of a public square in Lima, the view from his mother’s rooftop, and work at the Toronto film festival revision department. The filmmaker used 16 mm as …

  • maricones001

    Maricones (Faggots)

    Set in the marginal neighbourhood of Corongo and the seigniorial cobblestone streets of Lima, Peru, MARICONES unveils the many contradictions and advances of a sexual revolution that is sweeping the world at the dawn of …

  • ComunityGarden025

    A Little Square Heaven

    A documentary that explores the lives of gardeners from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds in Toronto community gardens. The gardeners are the basis for a look at multiculturalism in Toronto. Their values, relationship to the …

  • PromisedLand014

    Promised Land

    An experimental documentary film, which mixes the personal and the political. It follows the story of my family in Peru, from the middle of the last century through to the present day. The story of …

  • Films

    Arriaga has directed, shot and edited almost a dozen films. In looking at the progression of his films, we are able to see the evolution of the filmmaker, as both an artist and a human being who lives actively in his world.

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